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James Blunt

James Blung

I cannot describe James Blunt. Honestly. I am in awe because this artist is just incredible. Hanging out in the UK top 20. This artist is keeping it real and oldschool while still adding that “new” style feel to his songs.

Your Beautiful just sticks in my mind all the time and is almost impossible to get out of my head.

Its an incredible listen. Someone that reminds of an actual artist and an idividual showing how he really is. Instead of just some joke that makes their music to sound like some other artist they like.

This is original, this is how James Blunt is. This is me liking James Blunt.

He said “Your Beatiful” was him seeing an ex-girlfriend of a long time at a concert he was playing one time and how he felt when he saw her. Then they never spoke again. Have many of us felt this way?

James Blunt is fresh. His album Back to Bedlam is a definate buy! If you dont like the album at least buy it for the artwork!


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The new pearl jam? The new beck? Maybe just the new indie?

Because you CANNOT categorize Augustana with a genre.

If you tell someone about Augustana you cant say there all the way indie rock and roll, because they do have some of the “poppier” hits as well as some of your sad-classed indie rock.

All the Stars and Boulevards / One of the more “poppy” hits on the album that I enjoy alot. Some of your basic guitar work and simple drumming still give this song your classic sound while still adding a perfect new voice by Augustana’s singer, Dan Layus.

Dan Layus also adds hit simple guitar licks and new piano, adding that brit-pop feel to many of the songs on the album. Dan Layus reminds me of early Nirvana tones. That dragged out voice with some rough grind on the vocal chords makes Dan sound like a grunge rock singer.

No matter how you can say these guys sound like. They still arent very well known. Being on Advanced Warning (October, 2005, MTV) they will most likely be getting more influence and more opportunity.

Augustana – All the Stars and Boulevards – All the Stars and Boulevards

Album Cover

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New Music for PodSmod

mmm yes..

PodSmod XML / PodCast will be avilable soon.

Until then enjoy some of the courtesy files from the upcoming, PodSmodCAST

Mofro – Blackwater – Free

Stanton Moore – Flyin the Koop – Fallin Off the Floor

Matisyahu – Live at Stubby’s – Beatbox

Album Art Album Art Album Art

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